Summer Daze 2014

This is dipping my toe into the blogwaters of the Internet Universe. Mainly, this is for spreading the word about Indianapolis and Circle City Tours. As we just celebrated our second anniversary of being in business and are heading into our big third year, I figured it was time to let the world know a bit more about us.

I don’t understand where this Summer has gone. Here we are, heading into Labor Day Weekend, and I’m still pumped for tourists and vacationers to call. It’s been such a fun season, really getting the tour route down and meeting some extraordinary folks along the way.

After being out of service for several weeks due to the worst winter in decades, we started out with several small “intimate” tours in our Honda Elephant, as she is affectionately known (you know, lots of “trunk” space). Then, we hit the streets with the Butler University Black Alumni Assn charter on our Big Bus (Betsy) April 5th. And we were off.

Highlights included: Kelly Huang Wedding in May; step-on guide for the Keener-Price Tour over July Fourth weekend and University of Wisconsin-WHITEWATER crew; and the Carol Martin day tour from Fort Wayne. Not to mention visitors from every continent on the globe and too many countries to count.

We have lots more charters coming up in September and October. And come back for more news about upcoming tours.