Designated Stops:

Circle City Tours, LLC is authorized and assigned to pick up and drop off passengers only at the six (6) designated stops as detailed on website, mobile website, and marketing materials. In compliance with liability and risk management policies, passengers cannot be picked up or dropped off at any other points along the tour route, the only exception being for emergency medical purposes. Passengers must remain in their seats with seatbelts worn at all times that the vehicle is in motion. Non-compliance of the seatbelt policy may result in mandatory disembarkation without ticket refund(s).


The Circle City Tours bus seats a maximum of 22 passengers comfortably on cloth-clad cushioned seats. Each seat includes a seatbelt to be worn in accordance with Indiana laws. Non-compliance will result in request to disembark vehicle; no exceptions.

Two child-restraint seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at no additional charge. Children not in supplied seating must be restrained with a seatbelt or in an infant carrier in accordance with Indiana laws.

A maximum of two wheelchairs can be accommodated with a motorized lift and tiedowns at no additional charge. Staff and drivers are available to aid anyone who requests assistance in embarking or disembarking vehicle.


Vehicle amenities include air conditioning, heating, and speaker system with which to clearly hear the tour guide. No pets are allowed, with the exception of service animals. No amplified music is allowed. Food and drink in closed containers is acceptable; no open containers allowed. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in accordance with Indiana ABC laws. Any abuse of alcohol determined by guide and/or driver may result in individual(s) being ejected from tour vehicle with forfeiture of ticket. No smoking is permitted on vehicle.


Refunds are not available unless approved by owner/operator or in the event that a tour is halted or cancelled for emergency or weather-related reasons. Discount coupons for future tours may be distributed in lieu of cash refunds.

Inclusionary and Exclusionary Policy:

Our mission is to provide a safe, entertaining tour for the public between designated stops in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Circle City Tours, LLC does not exclude any member of the public based upon race, creed, color, religion, physical appearance, or mode of dress. However, we do reserve the right to request persons who exhibit extreme aggressive behavior or pose a verbal and/or physical threat to other passengers or Circle City Tours staff to disembark immediately without fare reimbursement. Non-compliance may result in calling the local authorities.

Lost & Found:

Lost items will be held for a grace period of thirty (30) days. To retrieve, call (317) 899-9285. After grace period, items will be disposed of according to their perceived value (donated to local charities or set out for trash pickup).


In the event of an accident, you will be directed by Circle City Tour staff. Please do not disembark from the vehicle until instructed to do so by staff, emergency personnel, or authorities so that you can be accounted for on roster.

Should a passenger(s) require medical attention, please remain in your seat until such time that emergency personnel arrive or unless instructed otherwise by Circle City Tour staff. According to Universal Precautions guidelines, refrain from direct contact with another passengerʼs bodily fluids.

When a Circle City Tours vehicle is prohibited from picking up/dropping off passengers per the route schedule due to a vehicle or weather-related emergency, arrangements will be made to insure passengers are delivered to their initial embarkation point with no additional charges incurred and a pro-rated refund of the fare(s) given.

Thank you for your cooperation in causing Circle City Tours to be a pleasant and pleasurable experience for everyone.