What started out as listening to visitors’ conversations in the Summer of 2010 about their concerns in getting to Indianapolis sights within the metropolitan area created a brand-new tour bus service, Circle City Tours, in Indianapolis, which launched in August, 2011.

Visionary and President Carrie Savage-Zimmerman has created from nothing for more than thirty years as a scriptwriter and media producer. In her spare time, she has organized private bus tours off and on for nearly fifteen years in her role as an independent direct sales consultant. Carrie loves sharing the history and stories of Indianapolis with others. After nearly 35 years of residency, she considers the city her adopted hometown. You will see and hear her guided tours just as much as she can be onboard the Circle City Line.

Executive Assistant and major idea partner Donna K. Jones is known for her savviness with power tools, sharp technical writing skills and schematic drawing talents, and an uncanny ability to meet up with someone she knows in just about every area of the city. Donnaʼs professional experience as a stagehand and crew member, her technogeekiness when it comes to lighting, sound, and all things Apple, and a love for music, particularly jazz, makes Donna an indispensable behind-the-scenes member of Circle City Tours.

Our professional and street-knowledgeable navigators include Kevin, Curd, Sharon Walker and Neill Witt. Among these certified drivers are more than 30 years of commercial and passenger driving experience.

And a cadre of other talented individuals comprise the team of Circle City Tours:

  • Brand Designer and Social Media Consultant: Rocket Interactive
  • Legal Consultant: Nick Huang, Attorney-at-law
  • Financial Advisor: Lisa Brown, Assistant Advisor, Highfield & Associates
  • Maintenance: Weirs Fleet Services
  • Insurance: American Specialty Group